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No Philly Grocery Tax - December 19, 2016

Philadelphians Against Grocery Tax Coalition Statement regarding Judge Glazer's ruling

Anthony Campisi
(215) 735-6760

"We are disappointed with today's decision. More than 30,000 Philadelphians and more than 1,600 businesses and local organizations have joined together to say that this tax unfairly targets working families and small businesses. Families will face an additional tax burden even as the city has demonstrated that it has the resources to move forward with pre-K without this tax.

"We will continue to oppose this discriminatory and regressive tax, which is not a sustainable revenue source to support important initiatives like pre-K programs. Philadelphia families will be shocked in January when prices jump on more than one thousand common beverages, including teas, soft drinks, juice drinks and no-calorie and low-calorie options. It will also become more expensive to see a movie, eat at a restaurant or attend a ballgame."

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