Philadelphians Against the Grocery Tax is a coalition of concerned citizens, businesses and community organizations actively opposing any new grocery taxes on everyday items like juice drinks, sodas, teas, sports drinks and fountain sodas. We’re taking a stand because Philadelphians can’t afford to pay even more at the grocery store.
Join us to say No Philly Grocery Tax.

We've created this handy document to dispel the myths surrounding this tax. Click here to read the facts.


1000 Promises LLC
1312 DJ Inc. T/A VIP Market
155 Deli Market
16th & Market Newsstand
19th Street Mini Market
2 Brothers Mini Market
22 Mini Market
28th Street Food Market
3 Brothers Food Market
3002 Fox Deli co.
49 Stop Food Market
5 Star Pizzaria
54th Food Market
54th Fresh Donut
57 Food Market
58th Steet Food Market
59 & Master Food
59 Fish Market
5th Street Meat Market Inc.
6100 FN Inc
62nd Kim's Market
63 N Deli & Grocery
63rd street pizza
7-Eleven- 3359 Kensington Ave  
7-Eleven- 5028 Frankford Ave  
7-Eleven- 6771 N 54th S 
777 Super Market
8 Brothers Shop & Save
8 Brothers Supermarket- 4500 Lancaster Ave  
8 Brothers Supermarket- 1127 40th St
8B Food Market Inc.- 401 N 59 St  
A Delis Mini Mart
A Plus Mini Market
A&A Supermarket
A&D Mini Market
A&G Mini Market
A&R Food Market
A&W Pharmacy
A+J Farmers Market
A+J Seafood
A+M Deli Grocery
AALBA (Asian-American Licensed Beverage Association)
Academy Sabres Youth Association
Accu Pizza
Advanced Services
Afan Food Plus
African Audio Video & Mini Market
AJS Supermarket
Akantara Grocery
Al Eman Halal Meat Market
Al Salam Pizza
Al's Corner Deli - Mayfair
Alizandro Mini Market
All African Grocery Store
Allegros Pizza & Grill
Allen Brothers Wholesale
Almont Grocery
Aloosh Hookah Bar
Alpha Source
Altagracia Grocery
Aman Food Market
Amancio Dollar Outlet 2
Ams Best Grocery
Ana Grocery
Andeliz Food Market
Andorra Salad Inc.
Angel Spirit Deli
Angela's Cart
Angelica Supermarket
Angelina Pizzeria
Angelino's Restaurant Pizzeria
Angie's Kitchen
Anna Marie's Academy of Dance
Annapurna Enterprises
Annie's Seafood
Ardenys Food Market
Arlen's Mini Market
Arrow Gas Inc.
Aru Mini Market
Asian Chao
Asian Cuisine
Asmara Conxions
Asociacion de Comerciantes Dominicanos
Atiya Olas Café
Atlas Pizza
AvA Grocery Store
AVP Grocery
AVP Grocery
Avredondo Mini Market
Awab Enterprises
Azcona Supermarket
B&B International
B&P Communications
B&T Deli Grocery
Back A Yard Jamaican Restaurant
Bae Enterprises
Bah's Grocery
Baha Mi Cali
Bahoo Corp.
Balbi Food Market
Baltimore Beer & Deli
Baltimore Chop Steaks
Banana Leaf Restaurant
Baobab Restaurant
Bargain Market Deli and Grocery
Basillio Food Market
Beaz Super Market
Becky's Drivw In
Bell Beverage
BellaVista Beer & Soda Distributors
Bensalem Township Country Club
Berry Sweet Frozen Yogurt
Bertolino's Pharmacies - Italian Market
Best In Town Food Market
Big Ass Slices
Big Ed's plumbing
Bills Old London Pizza
Bistro Southeast
BJ Supermarket
BJB Mini Mariset Inc.
Black Rose Food
Blue Dog Café
Blue Jay Restaurant
Blue Mini Market
Bon Appetit Management
Boruco Mini Market
Bound J
Bourbon & Branch
BP Gas Station
BP Split Second
Bravo Breakfast
Bravo Pizza & Halal Food
Bravo Pizza II
Bravo Seafood
Breakfast 2ne2
Brian Deli Grocery
Brian's Seafood
Bridge Deli
Bridge Quick Mart
Brill Food Market Inc.
Brinkmans Bait and Tackle
Brito's Grocery
Broad Street Deli
Brother's Pizza
Brothers Two Lounge
Bryn Mawr Pizza II
Bu Bu Deli
Bubbys Brisket & Bugsys Weiners (La Brisket)
Buist Food Market
Butcher Block Meat
C&S Deli
C&T Inc.
C+B Mini Market
Cabana Mini Market
Caesar Mini Market
Café Mi Quang
Café Michaelangelo
California Pizza
Cam Grocery
Camachos Grocery
Camila Food Market
Candy Land Food Market
Cantino Dos Segundos
Capricornio Grocery
Captain Hooks Crab & Seafood
Caribena Bakery
Carolina Market
Carroll Park Deli
Carroll Park Dinner
Casablanca Grocery
Castro Grocery
Catalina Espinal Grocery
Catch 22 Seafood & Grill
Cecil B. Moore Grocery
Cesario Supermarket Inc.
Chang Sam Restaurant
Chargera Grocery Store
Che-Kev inc.
Chef Johnny Bravo Surf & Turf
Chelin Grocery
Chester Pizza
Chestnut Brunch
Chestnut Deli
Chickie's Italian Deli
Chillin Pizza
China Bowl
China House
China House Restaurant
China King
Chinatown Market
Choe Front Deli Inc
Choi Deli
Choi's Deli INC
Chris' Cleaners
Chuckles Sports Bar
Chung Wha
Chuz Rosairo Haizizo
Citgo Gas Station
City Dollar Store
City Food Market
City Line
CJ Lee's Hood Market inc.
Clapier Mini Market Inc
CLM Vending Inc.
Coffee Deli
Cold Beer
Commissary Food Market
Community Groceries
Community Mini Market
Complete Grocery & Deli
Computer Store
Connie Food Market
Connies Ric Rac
Constar International Inc.
Coqui Bakery
Cottman Beverage
Coulter Mini Market
Cousins Fresh Market
Coventry Deli
Crab House Bar + Grill
Creative Advertising Specialties
Crescendo Café
Crescent Vending
Cruz Grocery
Cruz Mini Market
Cumberland Mini Market
D and Y Mini Market and Deli
D Cynthie Restaurant
D&M Deli Delight
D+G Pizza
D+S Dist
Daily Start Cafe
Dakar City
Danny Woodland Food Market
Dawson Grocery
Dax Newstand
Deans Early Ed Academy
Deb Deli + Grocery
Deborah's Kitchen
Decker Benefit Solutions
Deep Blue Sea
Del Inc.
Delancey Food Market
Deli 54
Deli Roma Cold Cuts
Delicious Bites Inc.
DeNofas Deli
DG 52nd St. LLC
Diaz Mini Market
Dick's Variety Store
Dickey's BBQ Pit
Dickinson Mini Market
DiMeo's Restaurant Group
DJ Casmirri Inc.
DJ Inc/ T/A VZP Market
Dog House
Dollar Impression
Dollar World
Dominican Corner Store
Dominican Grocery Store
Dommy DiNic's
Donthya Restaurant
Doran Mini Market
Dough Boys Pizzeria
DRC Deli and Grocery
Drexel Pizza
Dulce Food Market
Duran Deli Grocery
Dwight's BBQ I
Dwights BBQ
Dynamic Dollar
E&B Supermarket
East Lehigh Pharmacy
Eatible Delights Catering
Economic 57th Food Market
Economic Mini Market II
Ecowas Restaurant
Ed's Buffalo Wings and Pizza
Ed's Wings Pizza
El Azteca Uno
Eleven Mini Market
Elias Grocery
Eliza & Robinson Grocery Store
Elliot's Vending Company, Inc.
Elmwood Market
Elrubito Auto Repair
Emilio Food Market
Emmelanie Deli & Grocery
Eni Deli
Erie Dollar
Escuina Mini Market
Espinal Grocery
Espinal Ramos Grocery
Excel Petroleum
EXM Super Market
EZ Brunch
EZ Smokes
EZ Storage
F&P Grocery
Falone Steak
Fame's Pizza
Familia Grocery
Family Corporation
Family Food Market
Family Market
Family Mini Market
Fancy Wails
Felton Mini Market Inc.
Fiesta Pizza
Fill Your Soul
First stone petroleum inc
Five Star SuperMarket
Flores Mini Market
Flying Monkey Patisserie
Food Market and Deli
Foods on First
Fortuna Mini Market
Fortune Inc.
Four Seasons
Four Sons Pizza
Four sons pizza
Fouss Grill
Frankford Beverages Inc.
Frankford Mini Market
Frankie's Newstand
Franklin Beverage
Freetown Market
Frias Food Market
Friendly Corner Inc.
Fu-Wah Mini Market
G&B Cold Beer Food
G&B Supermarket Inc.
GA Napoli Inc. - Queens Village
Gail's Caribbean
Galan's Services
Garcia Food Market
Garden of Paradise
Genao Mini Market Inc
Genie Hookah Café
Gennaro's Pizza
Georgia's Famous Pizza
Germantown Deli Grocery
Germantown Food Court
Germantown Mini Market
Germantown Water Ice
GG Seafood Market
Giovani's Bar & Grill
Girard Food and Gas Market Inc
Girard Mini Market
Gloria's Deli
Golden Block Dollar Plus
Golden Box
Golden City
Golden City Deli
Golden House
Golden Kingdom
Gomez Grocery Inc.
Good Day Deli
Good Luck Restaurant
Good Neighbor Mini Market
Good Times Bar & Restaurant
Goodman's TV Service
Goody's Pizza
Grace Dollar Store
Grace Garden
Grand Food Market
Great World Market
Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
Green Line Café
Greenman's Deli
Grimm's Variety III, Inc.
Grocery Convenience
Grocery on the Pike
Gtown Supermarket
Guerrero Mini Market
Gus's Hot Dogs (Food Stand)
Hanuman Fuels Inc.
Happy Donut
Happy Garden Restaurant
Happy Sunshine Food Truck
Happy Tian Inc.
Happy Wok
Haridev Corporation
Hatville Deli
Haver Deli
Haverford Mini Market inc.
Heim's Deli
Henriquez Food Market
Hermanos Grocery Store
Hernandez Grocery
Hershel's East Side Deli
Hibiscus Café
Hien Thanh Grocery
Hii Adu-African Buka
His & Hers Restaurant (formerly Istanbul Lounge)
Ho Ho Market
Holiday Thriftway Supermarket
Holy Food Market
Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant
Hong Kong Super Market
Hoops Deli
Hot Spot Pizza
House of Cheese
Hunan Palace Restaurant
Hyons Seafood
Hyun's Food Market
In Soo Lee Grocery
Indian Restaurant
International Groc. Inc.
Irie Jamaican Restaurant
Island Supermarket
Italia Express Pizza
Izumi Restaurant
Izzy Steak & Hoagies
J and L Grocery
J-Di Deli
J&D Produce
J&J Grocery 44
J&J Restaurant
J+J Restaurant
J+P Seafood and Vegetables
J+S Grocery
Jaas United
Jade Palace
Jake's Place / Kim's Market
Jake's Sandwich Board
Jamel Grocery
Jaques Mini Market
Jaquez grocery
JAS Vending
JC 500 West Corp.
JD McGillicuddy's
Jean's Pizza & Grill
Jefferson Market
Jeisly Food Market
Jenew Stores
Jeng Canton Lou
Jerez Grocery Store
Jezabel's Inc.
JFT Communications
Jim's Mini Market
Jim's Pizza and Steaks
Jim's Pretzels
Jin Jin Chinese Restaurant
Jirard Deli
JN Cold Cuts
Joan Supermarket Inc.
John's Neighborhood Deli
Johnnie Boy BBQ
Jomata Mini Market
Jonathan's Best
Jorde Grocery
Jose Mini Market
Josephs Pizza
Joy and Smile
JP Front Mini Market
Juan Jaquez Grocery
Jumbo Steakes + Hoagies
June's Breakfast
Jung Hong Gourmet Seafood
Juniata News
Just A Second Varaiety
JV Food Market Inc.
K&S Food Market
Kabob House
Kadija Mini Mart
Kailyo & Kelmaris Inc.
Kamal's Middle Eastern
Karina grocery
KE Enterprises
Kendrh Mini Market
Keren Food Market
Kermaly Market
Kevin Haircut
Kiana Mini Market
Kim B Grocery
Kim Woa Store
Kim's Bong Choon
Kim's Corp
Kim's Foog Market & Deli
Kim's Market
Kimberly Food Market
Kimey's Place Grocery Deli
King House
Kinsey Food Market 2
Klein's Supermarket Inc.
Koreana Restaurant
Krakus Market Bridesburg
KRP Mini Market Inc
KY Mini Market
L & R Mini Market 26
L Bard Beer 2 Go
L G Mini Market
L&J Deli
L&M Food Market
La Avenida
La Bodega
La Familia Latina Super Market inc
La Joya Grocery
La Manzanera Grocery
La Mexteca Grocery
La Mocha Deli Grocery Inc
Lamine's Kitchen Restaurant
Lanoya Pizza House Italian Market
Larry's Steaks
Las 3 Rancheritas Restaurant
Las 7p Mini Market
Las Cazuelas
Laura's Food Market
Le Truck Seafood
Leandro's Pizza
Lebl Pizza
Lee Brothers Inc.
Lee's Deli
Lee's Foodland Market
Lee's Hoagie House
Lee's Market
Lee's Steakes & Hoagies
Leeds Market
Lehigh Dollar Express
LEIU Son Market
Lemon Grass
Let's Grub
Leydi Mini Market
LG Mini Market
Liberia Waterside Market
Liberty Choice Plus- 1939 N Front Street  
Liberty Gas Station- 101 W Lehigh Ave  
Liberty Mini Mkt
Lidisy Grocery
Lila Grocery
Lim Deli
Lindbergh Deli Food Market
Lion Mini Market
Lisberch Grocery
Little Kitchen
Little Negril
Little Sunshine Cafe
Liu's Torresdale
Lobby store
Lolita deli grocery inc
Lopez Lucky 7
Lorenzo's Famous Beans & Rice
Loreto Grocery
Lou's Newstand
Lovash Indian Cuisine
LPC Grocery
LR Grocery
Lucky Garden
LX Mini Market
M&E Mini Market Inc.
M&J Mini Mart
M+T Caribbean Grocery
Mack Beer Distributor
Macko's Café
Madelin Food Market
Madhava Food Inc
Malting G&B Minimarket
Mandarin Chinese Restaurant
Manny and Carmen Stop n Shop
Mantua's Family Market
Maoz Vegetarian - Society Hill
Maria & DN Grocery Store
Maria Grocery Store
Maria Mini Market
Maria's Cart
Maria's Food Market
Martinez Deli Grocery
Martinez Mini Market
Martinez Mini Market
Mary's Grocery
Masala Kitchen
Master Grocery
Matly & Merk LLC
Matos Dominguez Food Market
Max's Chicken + Steaks
Mayo Mini Market
Mazza Bros.Inc.
MCA Solutions Inc.
Medilerra Grill
Medina Food Market
Medina Grocery
Melo Grocery Inc
Meng Master Deli
Mercer Cafe
Mezquita Grocery Inc
Mezquita Grocery Inc
MiA Grocery
Midtown II Restaurant
Midtown III Restaurant
Mike's Service Center
Millevoi Bros. Auto
Million Dollars 25
Minas Pizza
Ming Wang
Miriam Grocery Store
Mitchell's Barbershop
Mix Pizza
Molly's Market
Mom & Pop
Mom's Variety
Monico Relti Grocery Inc.
Monk Seafood
Montesino Mini Market
Mora Fire LLC
More Value
Morel Food Market #2
Morgan's Food Market
Morton Food Market
MOSEL International
Mr. Hook Halal
Muller Inc.
Museum Deli
My Blue Heaven
N 60th Donut Shop
Nadia's Market
Nak & Na Inc.
Narducci Grocery
NATO of Pennsylvania
NE Internal Medicine
Neighborhood Market- 4676 Frankford Ave  
Neighborhood Market- 539 S. 52nd St. 
Neighborhood Mini Market
New Cambria Restaurant
New Canton House Restaurant
New China King
New City Inc. Super Market
New Eli
New England Pizza
New Far East
New Let Pizza
New Light Mini Market
New Napoli Pizza
New Passyunk Market LLE
New Quality Restaurant
New Springarden Market
New Way Food Market
News Plus 2000
Nick's Famous Pizza
Nick's Roast Beef
Nikki's Snack Shop
Noeliza Mini Market
Nonstop Deli
North East Vending
Nothing Over Five Dollars
Nunes Corp
Nunez Mini Market
Old Country Buffet
Old Nelson
Old Nelson Food Market
Old Nelson Food One PA
Old Towne Pizza
Olivo Groceries
Olympia Gyro Inc.
Olympia Pizza II & Restaurant
One Source Office Refreshment Service
One Stop Deli
Oregon Express
Original Grocery
Origlio Beverage
Overbrook Market
Oxford Circle Beer + Soda
Oxford Circle Deli
Oxford Circle Produce
Oxford Family Pizza
Oxford food shop
Oxford Restaurant
P&P Seafood
P+K Inc.
Pacific Seafood
Paek's Food Market
Palmtree Market
Panaderia El Trebol
Pancake Café
Papps Pizza
Paprika Restaurant
Paralta Food Market
Park Salad Bar
Party Time Deli
Patricia Mini Food Market
Paul's Hot Dog Stand
Paulies Pizza
Paulino's Grocery Inc.
Pavingstone Food Market
Pawn Shop
Pazzo Pazzo Pizzeria
Pearl Theater North
Pedrito Grocery
Pemberton Grocery
Pena Grocery
Penn Beer
Penn Café Pizzaria
Penn Deli
People's Choice Restaurant
Peralta Food Market
Peralta Grocery
Peralta Grocery 2
Peralta Grocery Inc.
Peria Toribio Grocery
Perri Pizza
Pete's Little Lunch Box
Pete's Pizza
PFMA (Philadelphia Food Merchant's Association)
PG Grocery
Pharmacy of Americas
Philadelphia Republican Party
Philly Laundry
Philly Nosheri
Philly's Donuts
Photo Video Imagen
Pichardo's Beauty Salon/Spa
Pink Dolphin
Pio Pio Restaurant
Pizza House Express
Pizza Roma
Pizza Shoppe
Plaza Pizza
Point Breeze Supermarket
Point of Destination Café
Polar Deli
Poly & Glory's Grocery
Premium Pizza 2
Pretty Mini Market
Prime Grocery
Primo Hoagies
Primo Hoagies (11th Street)
Primo's Grocery
Pro Class Auto Body
PTR Baler and Compactor Co.
Public Record Paper
Quality Donuts
Quality Halal Meats
Quality Pizza + Ristorante
Queen of Sheba
Quench Beverage Inc.
Quench Delia + Grocery
Quick & Quality
Quick and Quality
Quick Stop
Quick Stop Deli
Quick Stop H2
Quicky Mart
R & M Restaurant
R and R Deli Market
R&G Mini Market
R&J Mini Market
R&L Supermarket
R&M Food Market
Race Supermarket
Radhu Newstand
Rainbow Deli
Ramon Martinez Grocery
Ramon Mini
Randazzo Pizzareia
Ray's Grocery
RD Mini Market
Real Deal Plus
Real McCoy Co.
Red Sun Food Market
Reed Mini Market
Reese Grocery Inc.
Regal Entertainment Group
Revolution Auto Tags
Rex Pizza
Rey Food Market
Reyes Appliances
Reyes Grocery
Reyes Grocery Store
Reyes Mini Market
RG Grocery Store
Richard 99 Deli
Richie's Market
Richie's Pizza
Ricky Café
Ridge Mart
Ridge Mini Market
Riley Deli
Rio's Grocery
Rising Sun Chinese Restaurant
Rising Sun Dollar Plus Market
Riverview News stand
RM Mini Market
RMB Mini Market
Robola Pizza Grill
Rocco's Italian Sausage
Rock's Italian Deli
Rocket Fizz
Rockland Beer
Rodriguez Food Market
Rodriguez Groceries
Rodriguez Grocery Store
Rodriguez Mini Market
Rodriguez Mini Market
Rodriguez Supermarket
Rolling Thunder Skating Center
Roman Gomez DBA Stop One
Roman Grocery
Roman Grocery #2
Romano Deli Grocery
Ron Hair Salon
Rondon Mini Market
Rookies Sport Bar
Rosa Market
Rosario Chicken Mini Mart
Rosario Food Market
Route 23 Café
Royal Pizza and Steaks
Ryan's Meat Market
S. LA 5701 Inc.
S.P. Donut
S&J Food Market
S&J Seafood
S&S Variety Store
Sabr Inc - DBA Crown Fried Chicken
Sahara Restaurante
Saige cafe
Saladworks- 2950 market st.  
Sam and Grace Waterice
Sam Mini Market
Samed Food Corp.
Samy's Bar
Sana Enterprises
Santana Food Market
Santiago Dominican
Santoro Beer Distributors
Santos Groceries
Santucci Square Pizza
Scola Brothers
Seafood Senations II LLC
Sellen Supermarket
Serrata Grocery
Shanks Original
Shepherd's Beer-N-Deli
Shop Express Inc
Sis Muhammad's Kitchen
Sister Mini Market
Skmand Inc
Skyler's Daily
Slices Pizza
Smile Dollar
South Deli Grocery
South Street Pizzeria
Soy Café
Spataro's Cheesesteaks
Spencer T's Barber Shop
Spot Gourmet Burgers LC
Spring Chinese Restaurant
Spruce Mini Market
ST International Market
Stacy's Pizza
Stacy's Pizza #2
Star Beer Distrubutor
Station Food Market
Steak N Beer
Steaks on South - Nicetown
Steve's Take-Out
Stunt Loco
Sugar and Spice
Suh's Sunny Seafood
Sunny Breakfast & Lunch
Sunny Food Market
Sunny's Diner
Sunnyside Up Breakfast & Lunch
SunRay Drug Store
Sunrise Pizza
Sunshine Food Market
Sunshine Supermarket
Super Deli Real
Super Horse Restaurant
Surprise Mini Market
Susan Grocery
Susquehanna Food Market
Suzy Beauty Town
Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse
Syed Brother Super Market
T&F Farmers Pride, Inc
T&J Market
T&N Food Market
T&P Woodlands Food Market
T&S Express Market
TA Spiro's Restaurant
Takka A's Grill & Pizza
Tan Grocery
Taste Africa
Tasteful Sensations
Tavares Grocery
TD Beer Inc.
TE's Freedom Laundromat inc.
Teamsters Joint Council #53
Teddy's Pizza
Tejada Grocery
Temple Rainbow
Texas Weiners
The Banana Leaf
The Barn
The Broad Street Tavern
The Fresh Grocer
The pine fresh produce and deli inc
The Pine Produce & Deli
The Pizza Store
The Queer Grocery
The Random Tea Room
The Spot at Rittenhouse
Three T Food Market
Tildan Food Market
Tim's Steaks
TJ Food Market
TNT Grocery #4
TNT Grocery #5
To-To Seafood
Today's Crab House
Tommy DiNic's
Tony Grocery
Tony Lukes
Tony Lukes Old Philly Style
Tootsie's Salad Express
Top Quality Cuisine
Top Taste
Top Tomato
Torres Food Market II
Torres Grocery- 2600 W Lehigh Ave  
Torresdale Flower Shop
Torresdale Food Market
Tortilleria San Ronan
Town Supermarket Inc.
Tribe Café
Triplet's Mini Market
Tropicana Lounge
Twin Grocery
Twin Grocery II
Two Brothers
Two Brothers Mini Market
U Penn Café
UA Main Street 6
Uncle Nick's Pizza
Union Grocery
United Food Market
University City Mini Market
University Mini Market
Uno Food Market
Urban Care Pharmacy
Valdez Grocery
Valerios Foodmarket
Valle Olimpico
Van kirk food market
Vernango BBQ
Viarela Mini Market
Vincent's Pizza
Vine Deli & Grocery
Vine Noodle House
W.P. Pizza e Pasta
Waite Bros Meats Market
Waiwita con Tostones
Waldy Mini Market
Wallis Grocery
Walnut Block Grocery
Walnut Food Market
Wan's Seafood
Wanda Lounge
Wayne Avenue Deli
Wayne Supperette
Wei Hua
Weiss Chiropractic
West Point Pizza
Winsle Mini Market
Wister Market
Wister Mini Market
Woodland Grocery
Woodland Village
Wow Food Market
Wow Supermarket
Wyalusing Mini Market
Wyndale Grocery
Wynnefield Pizza
XO Lounge
XPRESS Food Market
Yaritza Grocery
YMG Supermarket
Yokasta Grocery
Yorty's Deli
You Lee Restaurant
You Ring We Bring
Young's Vine Food
YuanLam Inc
Yummy Diner
Zanique's Café
Zarzuela Grocery
Zottos Pizza & Wings
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