Statement on Philadelphia City Council Vote

June 16, 2016 – City Council has ignored the voices of the 58 percent of Philadelphians who oppose this regressive and discriminatory large tax on more than a thousand common grocery items. This tax is unconstitutional, and that's why we will take this fight to the courts to defend our broad-ranging coalition of more than 30,000 Philadelphians and 1,600 businesses and community organizations.

Working families and small businesses simply cannot afford to pay this tax. And as we have seen in repeated 11th hour revelations from the Kenney Administration, the people of Philadelphia did not get the full story on where this money will go. After months of promoting Pre-K as the reason for the new tax, we learned at the last minute that less than half of the tax money will actually go toward funding pre-K. Despite the efforts of thousands of Philadelphia businesses and citizens to engage in a substantive debate on this proposal, the administration intentionally failed to provide Philadelphians the transparent process they deserved.

Philadelphians Against the Grocery Tax is a broad coalition of concerned citizens, businesses owners, movie theaters, and community organizations actively opposing the city's proposed new grocery taxes.

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